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thierry kauffmann: Discover

In the summer of 2009, I had the privilege of meeting Nashville producer extraordinaire, Judy Whiting. From the little village of France where I reside during the warm season, I mailed her a mix tape. I had been trying to break in into the music world for years, to no avail. This tape was my bottle to the sea. When Judy accepted to produce what would become my debut CD, I felt that the twenty years of working in the dark and against all odds, were coming to an end.

During Christmas 2009, Judy Whiting, battling a deteriorating health, recorded my album in Nashville, with John Heinrich on saxophone, Butch Davis on guitars, and Billy Anderson on drums and keyboards. During that intense period, we became friends, and started making plans for more albums to come.

Three months later, Judy, unable to withstand the surgery that I had helped her pay by creating a cause for her on facebook, passed. While sending my music to discmakers to design the cover and press, I decided to write about the two hundred days that changed my life. The memoir that I'm now close to finishing, is entitled True Rose of Nashville, and will be published hopefully this year.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson. When the news came, I thought my life was over. Since then, I've been fighting back, switching from piano playing to sax composition, as I could no longer play professionally. Judy Whiting gave me a second chance, to be up there with the best. Summertime is dedicated to her memory.